Goals of REgions

Main Goal I

Regional market design

Design of a new regional market and inter-regional coordination of VPPs for re-dispatch/voltage support. The design is based on technical, social and regulatory aspects as well as evaluation and tests.

Main Goal II

Coordinated cross-layer support

Increase the coordinated support of fluctuating renewable energy sources to regional, inter-regional and European layers of ancillary services and markets


The following sub-goals contribute to the above main goals:

  • Improve solar radiation and regional PV forecast and nowcast
  • Improve price forecasts for intra-day, imbalance as well as call probability of balancing reserve
  • Analysis of the interaction of different layers of services and markets for different configurations of the regional markets
  • This markets will be integrated in the VPP optimization as well as the VPP controller
  • Regional market models will be designed together with relevant stakeholders based on technical and regulatory assessments
  • Simulate and include this regional market in a large-scale European model
  • The interaction of the stakeholders on this regional market will be assessed
  • The physical demonstration on existing power plants of the VPP is developed
  • Demonstration of the interconnection of the VPPs to provide inter-regional services with a relevant amount of units
  • Derive guidelines and exploitation strategy for the products and services of the stakeholders for the service of the three layers of markets/services

The Demonstrators


Description of German Demonstrator


Description of French Demonstrator


Description of Austrian Demonstrator